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Holler: music from north to south.

Holler: hol·ler 1 


              1. a loud cry, the place between the mountains and valleys

              2. Brooklyn-based duo playing music from North to South.

The sounds of Holler are firmly rooted in the folk music traditions of Appalachia. Playing both original songs and traditional favorites, Holler takes you on a musical journey across America from north to way down south. Band members Rachael Benjamin and Beth Soleimany sing together in harmony and accompany one another on guitar, autoharp, and upright bass. Joined by veteran New York musicians Doug Pierson (guitar) and Rob Meador (mandolin), their latest album, A Light That Shines, is filled with original songs that ring with the full range of human experience, from death and loss to addiction to the light that shines within each of us no matter where we live or what trials we face.

 A staple at Brooklyn venues like Pete’s Candy Store, the family-friendly ensemble has also played local schools, colleges, and churches, and has toured the south and midwest, including playing at eastern Kentucky’s Covered Bridge Festival.